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Days Until (Cards UI)

0.99 usd

Have you ever wondered how many more days of work you had before your next vacation? With Days Until, it's easy to find out. Keep track of all the important dates in your life by listing them in this clean cards interface. Watch the seconds tick down as your next event approaches!Days Until has all the features you would expect from a countdown app, and more! Features include:* Ability to set widgets* Ability to import events from Google Calendar* Ability to exclude weekends from your countdown* Ability to set notifications when events occur* Ability to set repeating events* Several theme color choices based on your favorite Google Play applications
Days Until also has the ability to count UP from an event! Whether you're checking how long it has been since your last vacation (you're probably due for another one!), or keeping a New Year's Resolution, Days Until will help keep you on track.